Credit goes to the following websites that we used in developing this project:

Wiki Page - Some character descriptions were used from this site.

Akira 2019 fan site - Some description of original publications and artistic style of Otomo were used from this site.

Manaix Blog site - This site gave us inspiration for researching the theme of "Control".

A special thanks goes to Dr. Elisa Beshero-Bondar for helping us with some issues that caused setbacks for us and guiding us through the creation process. Link to her GitHub


Before we got started with gathering information on the control scenes, we decided to gather a list of the characters that appeared in the movie. We had also listed the characters in the order of which they first appeared. When we added the script to the code as well, we also made sure to include time stamps of when the characters speak.

After that, we added the code for the different scenes involving characters that are attempting to assert control over other characters using the TEI Speaking Group (spGrp) tag. We needed to split the "Control Scenes" by if the main controller in the the scene had been imbued with super powers. A "super" attribute was for those with the powers, and a "human" attribute for characters without powers. An identifying @who attribute is also used.

We then added the different scenes involving people using their psychic powers using the TEI Milestone tag with a custom attribute of @powers and an identifying @who attribute.

Then came the time to begin coding the schema for the website, which we created by making five separate coding documents to be linked, and creating a document specifically made for creating the appearance of the website.

The ODD file acted as a Relax NG schema to help detail which characters appear in control scenes, along with splitting them up into categories of those who use powers and those who don't.

We also added code detailing the establishment of power scenes in the movie as well. These scenes were meant to show which characters were using powers against each other, with only a small list of power-imbued charactesr.

The reason we decided to choose this for our project was because we all like the movie Akira, and we felt it important to do a project based on it to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie's release.